Dirk Jan Buter's Aspiring Innovators Magazine

Welcome and open a new world and discover its secrets!

My interest in the world and technology led me to start this magazine. My name is Dirk Jan Buter, and I have been dreaming of a different and better world all my life. I don’t take everything for granted and do my research. What am I running into? What could be improved? What do we all benefit from?

Dyslexia Didn't Stop Me

Technology can take a step towards a better world. I am social and compassionate and pick up many signals from my environment. These signals are the guidelines for writing the articles in this magazine.

Despite my dyslexia, I don’t let myself be discouraged! Nowadays, anyone can become a journalist, thanks to all the tools that technology offers. For example, a spell checker (LibreOffice and Google) and artificial intelligence (Grammarly and ChatGPT) helps me detect errors in the text.

Embracing the Future

Also, Artificial Intelligence is one of the topics frequently discussed in this magazine. There are still some misunderstandings and fears about this new way of working. We find everything new a bit scary, although that is usually unfounded.

We embrace artificial intelligence and welcome it with open arms. So much so that sometimes we use artificial intelligence to work for the magazine, but still, we love the authentic handiwork, so we write most of the articles ourselves. Not using artificial intelligence is a missed opportunity.

Exploring Boundaries

We discuss biohacking as a topic often also. Biohackers change themselves with genetic modification and put their health at the center of their lifestyle. They experiment with nutrition and technology to improve their bodies or make them healthier. Sometimes, there is no other regular option available for their healing. Biohackers do not readily accept it if there is no other option and do their research.

Together with these two mentioned topics, it is about cryonics, virtual reality, quantified self, and other subjects that fit under technology for personal development. So, new and future technologies for personal use.


In addition to the magazine, we organize events in Amsterdam, Groningen, Zwolle, and Nijmegen to meet like-minded people. The possibilities are different, often with presentations, networking time, and a fun activity.

Independent and Honest

In this magazine, we try to be as independent as possible with a mixture of observations, ideas, opinions, and visions for the future. Use common sense and read it here and there with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, we do our utmost to produce an honest magazine.

A New World

Technology brings positively contributes to the world and people’s lives. So join us and get inspired! We have worked hard to ensure that Dirk Jan Buter’s Magazine will be your valuable resource. Welcome and open a new world and discover its secrets!