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How to overcome life's limits

We all experience limits in life. Whether it concerns financial, emotional or physical boundaries. Overcoming those limits often requires determination and a lot of courage. If you want to get the most out of yourself, you have to practice and train a lot.

New challenge

For example, you can push your boundaries by learning a new language, by deepening your knowledge of a field, by traveling far, by taking up a new hobby or by taking on a new challenge.

What limitations and/ or boundaries do you encounter and would you like to work on? What challenges do you agree with yourself to push your boundaries? Where are you going? How far can you get?

Pushing boundaries

When you step out of your comfort zone, it feels uncomfortable or it gives you energy. I once read in a book somewhere that you have to do one thing every day that you find scary in order to push your boundaries. In practice, this does indeed work well, although you will quickly gain more gray hair.

For example, when I was little, I was very shy, I found presentations exciting and I never wanted to do speaking engagements. So I started practicing presentations until I had the courage to give them next.


A step-by-step plan can also help with this. Step by step on the way to your goal, as below as a tip for yourself to grow in your development. Put it on, you can do it!

  1. First learn the limitations you want to shift. Look for that limitation often and investigate it within yourself.
  2. Create goals you want to achieve. If you are competitive you could also turn it into a competition.
  3. Patience is a key to success. Not everything has to be immediate and all good things come slowly. Hang in there and don't let yourself be fooled.
  4. Make sure people support you and make sure you build a good network. You really need these people when things go wrong.
  5. You can do it and believe in yourself. Don't give up when you experience setbacks. It's very easy to give up, while it takes a lot of courage to keep going.

By following this step-by-step plan you will get closer to your goal of pushing your limits. And if you persevere long enough you will definitely get there! Good luck and patience!